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Aqua Monaco, munich

Fotos: Constantin Meyer


209, S 32 V, S 64 N, S 43, S 533 R, S 533 N, S 35 N + Hocker, 2001, 1025


The young Munich based company Aqua Monaco distributes various types of mineral water, soda, tonic and lemonade made from regionally sourced glacier water. The company has outstanding quality standards and consciously acts in a climate-friendly way. The company's urban headquarters are located in Munich's popular and trendy neighbourhood Haidhausen. The ambience of the office and recreation rooms is characterised by brick walls painted white, historic wooden doors, and furniture made of light wood, all of which create a contrasting and modern overall picture. The Aqua Monaco team decided to use numerous Thonet classics for the redesign of the spaces. 22 chairs 209 made of ash wood with wicker cane seats are grouped around a long solid wood conference table that welcomes convivial gatherings.


The timeless model S 43 by Mart Stam enriches the interior with monochrome white or black lacquered frames with matching seats and backrests. These chairs form a diversified black-and-white contrast in the ensemble.


In an open seating corner, four bentwood chairs model 2001 designed by Christian Werner create a cosy lounge area. With their dark, high-quality fabric, opulent upholstery and ash wood frames, the chairs are eye catchers set against the background of the coarse historical walls and offer the highest seating comfort. This lounge area is completed with two side tables 1025 by James Van Vossel, also made of ash wood to ideally harmonise with the seating furniture.


The two managing directors of the company chose Thonet furniture since they recognise the aim of both companies is to enrich German and international gastronomy with their products. High-quality materials, a distinct commitment to sustainability, and the durability of the furniture make Thonet a cooperation partner that ideally complies and harmonises with Aqua Monaco's corporate philosophy.


Also in the pictures: chairs 404107118, table 1500, stool 214 RH, bar stool 404 H