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Thonet @ IMM 2020

In January 2020, we are looking back on an exciting anniversary year that marked no fewer than 200 years of design history. At the same time, we reaffirms our position as a cultural influencer with the second Café Thonet at imm cologne (Hall 3.2, E 021). The café will continue to play a crucial role for us in future – as a place for get-togethers, a meeting point or a community base. Sebastian Herkner’s booth concept was an extremely inviting interpretation of the idea that Thonet brings people together with its furniture. He draws on the themes of craftsmanship, quality and customised production, as well as Vienna wickerwork – a material that’s typical of Thonet and is used to structure the café. The resulting spaces are clearly defined without being sealed off, providing a perfect opportunity for a chat and plenty of room for new products and classics. 


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