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Focussing on the essential: a celebration of minimalism in a 50 square meter space


Photo: Jalag-Syndication, Bärbel Miebach

Painting: Hervé Half, Meudon, 1994 (FR)

Chairs: Freischwinger S 64 PV, S 64


Jettison the ballast and focus only on the truly important things: with his choice of minimalist furnishing, a Berliner in Düsseldorf has realised his dream of creating an uncomplicated living space. Inspired by the idea of gaining more freedom through less property, the design aficionado has assembled a condensed household in a space of just 49.8 square meters, where he is now spending the third phase of his life. Clever installations and stylish interior design elements round off the apartment's interior design concept - in the living room, the classic versions of Thonet's cantilever chair S 64 and various pieces from the Pure Materials series put the finishing touches on the modern ambience.

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