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Marktkirche Hannover (D)

Photos: Thomas Deutschmann 

Chairs: S 162 SPF


The Evangelical-Lutheran Marktkirche St. Georgii et Jacobi is one of Hannover's landmarks, and now it has been furnished with 262 chairs from Thonet's program S 162 with seat upholstery and armrests. In the church hall and the northern and side aisles of the 14th century church the classically simple, comfortable chairs replace the folding chairs that had been in use. The chair collection S 162 designed by Delphin Design is formally beautiful, comfortable and ideally suitable for all kinds of venues since the chairs can be stacked and arranged in a space-saving way. The refurnishing was also sponsored by chair sponsorships through patrons, which the board of the church promoted with a postcard campaign. 

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