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abril de 2017

Más versatilidad para la oficina: la mampara acústica CANOR

Diseño: Thonet Design Team: Randolf Schott, 2017


Compañía y funcionalidad: la nueva mesa de comedor S 1091 y el modelo S 1092 con travesaño adicional son toda una declaración: robusto, dinámico y abierto al mismo tiempo, su largo tablero invita a comer en grupo, a jugar, a trabajar o a reunirse cómodamente. En combinación con los bancos S 1094 y S 1095 (sin y con respaldo) a juego, el espacioso grupo de asientos sirve como una plataforma de comunicación de lo más versátil. La madera del tablero, de las superficies de asiento y de los respaldos, los bastidores de acero plano curvado y los elementos de madera curvada del travesaño opcional de la mesa crean una mezcla de materiales cautivadora y variada.


The long tabletop – available as a solid wood version in ash or oak – is characterised by tapering edges towards its ends and rounded corners. The veneered version has a straight edge. The frame made of thin, bent flat bar steel with a black cast iron finish has an especially lightweight appearance thanks to generous legroom while at the same time providing stability. Designer Randolf Schott was inspired by classic refectory tables that have their origin in the dining halls of monasteries. The design of the optional leg traverse with bentwood elements is a reference to the Thonet tradition. As a practical footrest, it supports a relaxed seating posture that is beneficial for the back. If used as a conference or meeting table, the traverse also serves as a line of discretion. Thanks to its length of 2.5 metres, up to ten people can sit at the table. Due to its width of one metre, the table ends can be used as full seats – without interfering table legs. The matching bench range (S 1094 and S 1095) or three chairs on each side complete the picture of an inviting table. Formally, the table and benches are connected through the slanted edges of tabletop and seat, which also facilitate taking a seat. Three to four adults or several children easily find space on one bench.


The two bench models S 1094 and S 1095 (without and with backrest) speak the same formal language as the table: the form of the tabletop cut longitudinally in half is found in the basic form of the bench’s seat. The seat elements are also made of solid wood and the bench frame is made of bent flat bar steel, the same materials used for the table. The angled back of the bench S 1094 without backrest provides a secure hold. Various types of leather and cover fabrics from the Thonet portfolio are available for the fully upholstered version of the benches (optional seat and/or backrest). 


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